Young Professionals Cannot Survive on Espresso Alone…

More than ever, Young Professionals are stepping up and playing key roles in organizations both within a workplace and on a volunteer basis. We are jumping in with both feet to better our communities, grow and contribute in the workplace, network and build relationships, contribute to causes we are passionate about and more. With the endless opportunities available to us, and the time commitment that comes with them, it is important to recognize that taking time to unwind is equally important as all of the other things we have on the go.


Demands are just that – demands. There is endless pressure on us to increase output and say yes to every request. So much so that it is not easy to commit to taking the time necessary to do something for you, or acknowledge that taking this time will actually have a positive impact on everything else. If you’re not at your best, you can’t expect yourself to produce your best.


Taking time to balance yourself doesn’t have to mean taking a vacation (although, chances are you’ve earned it!); there are many simple ways to do something for yourself, to help you be at your best:

  • Don’t work through your lunch break – it’s a break for a reason! Get out and exercise, meet a friend, take a nap, read for pleasure… these are simple ways to give your mind and body a bit of a refresh.
  • Schedule your down time – it may sound strange, but when asked if we can take something on, many of us reach for our calendars to confirm whether or not we are available. Down time isn’t necessarily binge watching a show on Netflix, it could be designated time to spend with family, or a get together with friends who are likely equally as busy.
  • Turn work off at a certain time each night. Understandably, there are times when you just have to get it done, but think of the time you select to turn work off, as a deadline. Set a realistic goal for what you want to accomplish by that time, and commit to shutting down when it arrives. A variation of this is to shut down from when you walk in the door til after the kids are asleep. You can get a lot done when your world is snoozing – but don’t forget to get some sleep, yourself!

There are many ways you can choose to lead a balanced life; the real first step is granting yourself permission.


Good Luck!


Lindsay Wenaas

Director of Personal & Professional Development – YPNO
Past Chair, Nexus Young Professionals – Kenora, Ontario

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