Young Business Network at Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant


YPNO Rep: Duncan Ross


Address: 77 Charlotte St. Brantford, ON

Young Business Network at Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant: Networking opportunities for members of the Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant in the 45 and under age group.

For over 145 years, the Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant has served the business community. Our accomplishments in the fields of government relations, education and community involvement have contributed to the evolution and growth of our community. Some of our most respected citizens have led the Chamber. Names such as Cockshutt and Waterous, synonymous with our community’s history, are woven through the the history of the Chamber. Our success today is due to the vision and dedication of the men and women who have led the way. These community leaders knew that the business community has a unique role in building our community.

We are an independent, membership driven organization. Your support allows us to help develop your business and our community. Policy and direction are determined through a volunteer Board of Directors; issues are taken to volunteer committees for discussion and they determine the course of action we take on your behalf.