What Does the Term 'Young Professionals' Mean to You?

After connecting with dozens of YPNs across Ontario, uncertainty seems to have emerged regarding the term, “Young Professionals.”  Does the wording differentiate? 

The main goal of a Young Professional Network is to bring together motivated, ambitious, and committed employees from all sectors in the working world in a welcoming and progressive environment to help cultivate personal and professional development. 


However, for some individuals, the term "Young Professional" seems to suggest someone in a white collar position, distinct from those in other fields including trades. However, this is far from the truth.

Young professionals represent the future of our province and the Young Professionals Network is dedicated to help make our environment and economy a stable one by assisting young people in the working world.  This applies not only to the white collar workers but to those in all career sectors.

This need to clarify the term comes in the wake of a question posed on by YPN Ontario to their Facebook followers:  "What is your definition of a Young Professional?" One person from Thunder Bay responded with: “I'm a believer that age is just a number and that to be a young professional the individual would have to quickly adapt to change, be innovative, and have a clear vision for the future of his/her community.”

We agree with the above statement as it doesn’t refer to a specific working class but embraces a group of people with like-minded thoughts and goals who gear themselves towards building a better future for their community. 

YPN Ontario plans to clarify the notion that “young professional” is not confined to white collars but is a phrase that is meant to embrace young employees in all sectors of work. YPN Ontario plans to do this by connecting all YPNs together to create a clear, consistent view of the organization, what it represents, and how it can assist young workers.

We would love to hear your feedback and ideas on how we can market to young employees in all sectors of work.  We welcome emails: info@ypnontario.com or please call our intern: 1 (807) 624-2623. Ask for Brittany.

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