Starting a YPN in your community? Great insight from a recently formed group…

Recently Hamilton HIVE welcomed our newest member group under our umbrella. In our five years of existence, this group is HIVE’s lucky number 23. 

The HIVE Executive and I recently met the Co-Chairs of the newly formed YPN. During our meeting, we discussed several helpful tips that would be useful to anyone wanting to start their own YP group.


Some things from that conversation, and for your consideration:

  • At the early stages of starting a YPN, brainstorm ideas of what you want the group to do, what you want it to accomplish, who you can partner with and so forth. From there you can decide what the purpose/mission/vision of the YPN group will be

  • Use social media to inform and educate your audience. Provide them with several reasons to follow and like you

  • Ask your questions. Don’t be afraid to talk to other YPN’s, your City hall, your Chamber, your parent organization. There are many experts in your city, so ask your questions to get to where you want to go

  • Network. Attend as many other YP events as possible. Get to know the key players in your community and get them to know you and your group

  • Gather a team of likeminded individuals who are willing to take this journey with you. It is easier to get your new group known if there is a team behind it. Working alone may mean slower results and more time and effort expelled

  • Most importantly, everything is a process and things take time! Don’t be discouraged that you haven’t planned an event yet, or that your social media platforms are still in the single digits, a following and brand recognition will be won as time goes by

  • Lastly, remember why you are getting involved and why you are doing this as well as who you are doing it for. When you remember the “why” your journey to start a YPN will be easier and filled with more laughs and results

Good luck to all those who are starting your YPN! Have questions? I/Hamilton HIVE is happy to help! Contact

Abigail Santos
Hamilton HIVE

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