Ottawa's Young Professionals



Coming SOON!

OYP Mission

- To attract and engage the most talented young professionals across a variety of professional industries in Ottawa and to ensure their active engagement in the Ottawa community.

OYP Vision
- To form key strategic partnerships with established organizations in Ottawa for the betterment of advancing our member's careers and professional standings.
- To engage and actively bring together Young Professionals by providing access to resources and opportunities to develop their professional selves. Which will include but not limited to: social/community/business/networking opportunities & professional development.
- To attract strong like-minded philanthropic members that have a desire to give back to local non-profits/charities/NGO’s that our members believe in within their local communities through fundraising and spreading awareness.

A OYP membership is much more valuable than any list of services and benefits could possibly communicate. The real value is in the relationships developed, the connections made and the opportunities taken advantage of through time spent with other members. Your Career Progression will encompass Networking Events, several exclusive Speaker Series, and Mentorship opportunities with our Industry Leaders Committee. We will also provide amazing philanthropic and community orientated events and opportunities that our members feel proud to take part in.