Making History

Well we're finally here, making history by launching the Young Professionals Network of Ontario (YPNO). 

The idea was first crafted a couple of years ago after identifying a missing network between the dozens of YPNs across the province. Each amazing YPN was being led by dedicated leaders and community volunteers with a focus on engaging young professionals in their own communities. Each one was trying to grow and retain their own memberships, hosting value-added events, engaging governments at all levels, and also facing their own set of challenges.


Today, we're creating an opportunity to learn from one another. YPNO is a forum to bring thoughts, ideas and best practices together. A chance to learn from each other's successes and failures. A chance to inspire all communities in Ontario to have a Young Professionals Network. The fellowship that comes from a member feeling welcome to attend a YPN event in any community in the province.

We're also proud to now have a common voice for young professionals in the province of Ontario. There are key decisions made every day that affect our futures, and now we'll make sure we have a place at the right tables. Please bring forward issues facing your members, let our voices be heard and our faces be known.

Thank you to the entire YPNO Steering Committee for their hard work and determination since Spring 2014 in planning for this important launch. The Network will continue to grow and have influence. Imagine a day when our kids and grandkids become YPNOers; telling them stories about the early days of this organization and how we were all part of changing Ontario for the better.  

Michael Nitz

Co-Founder, YPNO

  • 4/28/2016 11:54:00 AM
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