Learning To 'Adult'

My name is Bevin and I live in Sarnia, Ontario.  I started at a new job last September, as a Mentorship Program Coordinator with our local workforce development board.  The program seeks to find mentors for individuals who are new to Sarnia, or new to their career field.  I reached out to our local young professionals group to recruit mentees for the program, except, when I finally contacted them, it seemed as if the group had lost momentum.  Events hadn’t been planned in a while, and there was no structure for the group, no committee and no real active members.   So I took the initiative, got a group of people together and started moving the group forward again.


When I look back at the last nine years since I graduated from university, I realized that I didn’t have much to put on a resume about any “extracurricular, or volunteer activities.” When thinking back even earlier to my high school days, I practically ran my high school involved in every group, club,  and organization that existed within the school (I was even somehow in the chess club, except, I don’t even know how to play chess).  I was a doer, I loved planning events and being part of fundraising activities. I loved being involved with doing things for the greater good of people.  And then I got to university and that all stopped.  For some reason, I lost that part of me, and I didn’t get involved in anything.  Maybe it was the intimidation of the huge number of people around me, or the unhealthy relationship that I was involved in, but I stopped doing all of those extracurricular things that I once enjoyed.   That is until the day that I started this job.  For the first time in my career, I had a boss that encouraged me, that believed in me, and who reminded me that being part of my community was a good thing, and could really help me in my career.

Nine years into my career, I have had a lot of different jobs.  Contract to contract, trying out new things, things I might enjoy or not enjoy, but whatever it takes to pay the bills.  Too be honest, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I’m hoping that being part of Young Professionals, being a part of my community and doing the things that I loved to do, again, might help me to figure it out.   Our group is small, but it’s growing, and the community is starting to see that we are here, and we are motivated to do things.  Our group is really trying to encourage Young Professionals to get involved in the community by joining Boards of Directors, and volunteer for local organizations.  Our group is helping young people to learn to “adult”, and to try to learn all of those important life decisions, that they don’t teach in school. We are helping our members to network, and to build the community around them.   Our group is proud to be a part of YPNO to share our ideas with the other like-minded individuals in the province and to be part of something bigger. My hope is that our group continues to grow, and somewhere in it all, I figure out what it is I am meant to be.

Bevin Perdu

Mentorship Program Coordinator, Sarnia Lambton Workforce Development Board

Young Professionals of Sarnia-Lambton

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