HIVE 2015 - A Look Back - December 27, 2015

Looking back on the year, one word comes to mind to describe it; amazing!

2015 and my time as Chair of Hamilton HIVE have been truly unforgettable. 

We started the year with three major goals:

  • to strengthen our member engagement
  • to strengthen our HIVE brand
  • and to acquire Non-Profit Organization status


I am so pleased to announce that we were able to accomplish everything we set out for! With a hardworking team comprising of my Executive, our Sub-Committee Chairs, and our Board members, along with the unwavering support of so many people and organizations in the community, Hamilton HIVE was able to achieve many levels of success this year!

Throughout 2015, Hamilton HIVE held various social networking and professional development events, we grew our umbrella to have 23 amazing member groups ranging from all sorts of industries and professions under it, and our flagship event, HIVEX Conference, is still considered the largest and best young professional conference in the Golden Horseshoe Area!

Our largest accomplishment this year was acquiring the designation of Non-Profit Organization. As a Young Professional network, we work hard to provide resources, opportunities, and networking events to our peers. As an NPO we will now be able to be there more than we ever were for our members and our community. Most importantly, with the NPO designation, it helps with Hamilton HIVE’s succession planning and sustainability. Something all YPNs hope to have. Our ultimate goal as an organization is that we want Hamilton HIVE to be the organization people come to to navigate in the city and to enhance their time in Hamilton. We want to be the organization that shows that Hamilton is the place young professionals can prosper and succeed in their personal and professional life.

2015 was a great year for Hamilton HIVE! This year just goes to shows that 365 days can change an organization in many ways, and 365 days allows the organization to alter the landscape of the city in great ways as well.

This past year I have been extremely honoured to have been the Chair for Hamilton HIVE as well as a Board of Director for the Young Professionals Network of Ontario. As I look back on the year, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me, Hamilton HIVE, and the YPNO reach new levels of success and who helped us cross off our goals from our list. You have all been truly wonderful to work with and for!

Although my time as Hamilton HIVE Chair and Secretary for YPNO have come to an end, I look forward to my position as Past-Chair and advisor and I am excited to see what the 2016 teams have in store!

Once again, thank you for your continued Hamilton HIVE and YPNO support and love! Many blessings and continued success to each and every one of you!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Abigail Santos
Chair, Hamilton HIVE

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