Greater Napanee Young Professionals Network


YPNO Rep: Brad Way

YPNO Rep: Valerie Watts 



The Greater Napanee Young Professionals Network was created to bring together individuals under the age of 40 who want to connect with others of like mind and motivation. Once connected, this dynamic and diverse group will then focus its energies and talents towards bettering themselves and, more significantly, bettering their community. 

The GNYPN is a forum for new ideas and the sharing of information. It’s a place to forge lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships as well as a great place for making new friends in a fun, exciting and social environment.

An offshoot of Napanee’s forward-thinking Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Napanee Young Professionals Network is part of a provincial network of similarly constituted organizations – all with a positive and powerful mandate to connect future community and business leaders to one another and to engage them, invigorate them and offer them an opportunity to network, and become active, constructive, hands-on advocates for a host of community improvement and development initiatives. 

In short, this is the next generation of leaders for the town of Greater Napanee, with a collective organizational ethos comprised of six fundamental pillars: 

1) Community engagement
2) Social (fellowship, relationships, friendships)
3) Business and economic interests
4) Commitment to environmental best practices
5) Personal and professional development
6) Connecting at a profound and active level with the municipal and county governments

The Greater Napanee Young Professionals Network wants to foster a climate of engagement and it seeks to provide a more comprehensive, focused and cohesive voice in the policies and planning of both the Town of Greater Napanee and L&A County through direct advocacy as an organization and as individuals. We encourage our members to become involved community organizations and the municipal committee structure as well as other civic-minded groups and causes. 

The group will also facilitate personal and professional development through various workshops, social functions, and organized tours and also by helping to establish mentoring relationships with experienced community and commercial leaders. 
And the GNYPN will act as a resource not only for our members and colleagues but also for other community organizations and businesses seeking ways to engage with their own young leaders. 

While ‘professional’ is part of the name, the GNYPN is welcome to all vocations, corporate positions, backgrounds and areas of interest. What matters is that participants have a desire to make a positive impact on the community and have a cop-operative, collaborative spirit. 

Our definition of professional is not about your attire, it’s about your attitude – ties are optional but enthusiasm is a must.