3 Steps to Creating the Perfect Elevator Pitch

The start of fall usually brings with it a schedule packed with networking events and what better time to master your elevator pitch then now. Whether you are in school, just starting your career or an experienced professional there will always be endless scenarios where you need an elevator pitch.  The perfect elevator pitch will consist of enough information about yourself to give the listener your background and goals in about 30 seconds. I swear this is not a myth and can be done! 



Follow the next three steps to master your elevator pitch. Each section should be very brief, the name 'elevator pitch' does come from the notion that you should be able to get through it in an entire ride. 

1. The Fundamentals: This is very brief. Keep it to your name, company/school, job title/major. Hi, I'm John, I'm currently attending the University of Toronto with a major in Finance. 
2. Your Background: Again, very brief. What have you done in the last 1-2 years of significance? I recently just completed an internship at RBC Securities working on their fixed income desk. 
3. Future Goals: What is your one significant goal for yourself. I am interested in landing a job in sales and trading in Toronto on a fixed income desk. 

It is crucial to have your elevator pitch perfected since you only have a small window to make a positive impact at any networking event. By emphasizing certain interests or achievements you can adapt it to almost any scenario. Give yourself some time to practice your elevator pitch out loud to get comfortable saying it and build some confidence. The less nervous you are the more confident it will come across. If you need help perfecting yours then please send me an e-mail and I would gladly review it!

Stephanie Morris

Founder & Consultant, Morris Career Consulting

  • 9/12/2016 9:23:41 AM
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