Jason Gangaram can be described as having a strong sense of eagerness for education and who exhibits a unique leadership style. He is a firm believer in culture, through effective communication, respect and social responsibility. He attended Ryerson University and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce with a duel specialization in Operations Management and Human Resource Management. During this time Jason’s first taste of working on campus came with an opportunity to become a Teacher/ Research Assistant for a course entitled - Family Business. He then moved to working in Banking Industry and later found himself in Education Management as a Director of Admissions.  Jason is now a Campus Director at CDI College – Scarborough.  CDI College is currently operating across Canada with over 20 campuses.    

Jason is not only a highly thriving leader but he is a business owner. With the knowledge that he had gathered during his 10+ years in the family business coupled with his strong educational background he started his own company - Northern Maple Construction Inc. This is a professional design-build company.

Jason is actively involved in strengthening York Region and Scarborough.  Jason was involved with the formation and launch of Newmarket’s Young Professional Group and the formation of our own YPNO. He still continues to support economic development and is a huge advocate of continuing education.

2018 Position: Co-Director of Membership & Outreach
E-mail: j.gangaram12@gmail.com