About Young Professionals Network of Ontario

connect, inspire, engage, advocate

The Young Professionals Network of Ontario (YPNO) is designed to connect and engage Young Professional Networks across the province.

As a central hub, YPNO supports successful and dynamic professionals under the age of 40 to network, do business, advocate, have a voice at provincial and national tables, and build economic development opportunities.

Young professionals represent diverse sectors and come from all walks of life. What we share is a collective vision to develop an active provincial network of young people and make a difference in the future of Ontario.

Board of Directors - 2017

Michael Nitz

Vice Chair
Glenn Thorpe

Past Chair 
Nathan Lawrence

Christopher Yendt

Alana Couvrette

Directors of YPN Development & Sponsorships
Michael Nitz/ Glenn Thorpe

Co-Director of Communications & Social Media
Meira Khosla

Co-Director of Communications & Social Media 
Yvonne Pilon

Director of Advocacy
Orlando Spicer & Alana Couvrette

Director of External Partnerships & Partner Organizations
Michelle TenHave

Co- Director of Membership & Outreach
Jason Gangaram

Co- Director of Membership & Outreach
Sarah Hahn

Directors of Professional & Personal Development
Stephanie Pagnucco & Alyssa Lai

Director of Policy & Research
Sarah Spence


What We Do?

YPNO has a clear purpose to; Connect, inspire, engage and advocate.

YPNO Mission

To be the central hub for Young Professional Networks across the province, providing assistance and facilitating collaboration amongst chapters to help ensure the active engagement of Young Professionals in their communities.

YPNO Vision

To be the leader in Ontario in engaging Young Professionals by providing access to resources and opportunities to develop a province wide web of YPNs who are tasked with actively bringing together Young Professionals looking for social/community/business/networking opportunities & professional development.

YPNO Core Purpose

To be the Voice of Young Professionals Networks and their respective Young Professionals across Ontario to ensure their involvement and engagement in the overall success of our province.

To act as a resource centre for communities, organizations, chambers of commerce and employers who are looking to develop an environment of engagement for their Young Professionals.

Our Approach

YPNO moves people to action based on 6 core pillars;

  1. Community Engagement
  2. Social
  3. Business and Economy
  4. Environment
  5. Personal and Professional Development
  6. Provincial Connectivity

We're on a journey to strengthen the voice of and outcomes for Young Professionals in Ontario.